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Glamping ~ Celtic Yurts & Teepee

Glamping In Ireland, A New Camping Experience in our Luxurious Hand Crafted Celtic Yurts or Teepee in Pink Apple Orchard.


Recently, a global trend has caught fire that offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgrade on rest and recreation. It’s called glamping, a new word for a new kind of travel, defined as glamorous camping. When you’re glamping, there’s no tent to pitch, no sleeping bag to unroll, no fire to build. Whether in a tent, yurt, airstream, hut or treehouse, glamping is a way to experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Glamping emerged internationally and came across the Atlantic over the last decade. At this glampsite we provide a choice of three exquisitly hand crafted Yurts or within a hand crafted Teepee.


Our three Celtic Yurts are a fusion of Mongolian design & Celtic Roundhouse aesthetics. Our Teepee is created with authentic local woods. They are all constructed in modern materials sourced in Ireland & hand built not only in Ireland but in the tranquil Pink Apple Orchard.


Glamping In Ireland - Hand Built Yurts Made in Ireland. Glamping In Ireland. Camping in Luxury Yurts in West Ireland.






Thank you so much for your amazing hospitality during our stay. The entire time was brilliant – I just kept walking around thinking what a great time I was having. The Yurts are great, the Kitchen is great, the toilets are great, the pathways and willow fencing are amazing!! You were so relaxed the whole time we were there. We’ll be back again! Thanks…

Kathy Hall, August 2013


Glamping In Ireland

Hand crafted Yurt Doors made in Ireland

Glamping In Ireland - Celtic Yurt Camping Holidays in West Ireland.Luxury Yurts in West Ireland. Glamping In Ireland, Leitrim.












We have combined the following two ideas below to provide something different and completely unique to itself. The Celtic Yurts are fully lined, insulated to high modern standards and outer cased with a water proof coating. Internally, are wood burning stoves and the comfort of both traditional and hand crafted furniture; also made on sight at Pink Apple Orchard. The images below give an indication as to the two traditional style houses on which we have based our designs. 


1 – The Traditional Mongolian Yurt.

2 – The Traditional Ancient Celtic Roundhouse. 


Celtic Roundhouse meets Mongolian Yurt


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Stay in one of our three Celtic Yurt’s 

  • Celtic Yurt 1 – Weaving Willow –  Fíodóireacht Saileach            
  • Celtic Yurt 2 – Sunrise Sanctuary – Ardú ghrian Tearmann            
  • Celtic Yurt 3 – Drift Wood – Adhmad Sruthlíonta                       

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