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Back To Nature

Glamping In Ireland at Pink Apple Orchard is All about Returning Back To Nature, Come and Discover our Gem of Uniquely Diverse Natural Lifestyle.


Glamping in West Ireland within Organic Apple Orchard. Ireland's Nature and Wildlife. Wild Flower Meadows in Ireland, Leitrim

Luxury Camping in West Ireland - Wildlife Nature Trails in Ireland. Butterflies

Within Pink Apple Orchard we take great pride in all the achievements so far that distinctly take us back to the heart of where nature lies. Our aim is to encourage as much wildlife as we can. With all the fragrant and sweet scented Blossoms of Spring and the alluring, bright wild flowers through to summer, the Orchard comes alive with wildlife.


Nature in Ireland. Eco Dry Composting Toilets for Glampsite Facilities in Ireland

Eco Friendly, Dry Composting Toilets in our Luxury Campsite


In Pink Apple Orchard we provide 100% Eco friendly dry composting toilets. 

Compost – We have composting areas and make compost from the food and garden waste. 

We also recycle paper, glass, tins, cans and plastics. Bins are provided within our Eco Campsite for all visitors to recycle too. Please see terms and conditions. 


Sustainable Living Willow Fences and Arches


A beautiful and natural resource used for architectural design, landscape planning and artistic creations. We are using willow not only to conserve the willow but to be productive. Here, in Pink Apple Orchard they are both working in harmony together. Many gardeners can tell the tale of an old willow branch pushed into the ground and forgotten which was sprouting fresh green leaves by spring. This magic power to take root makes willow the ideal material for creating a whole range of living garden features whose sturdy wooden structure is clothed in soft green leaves. Once rooted, willow branches (known as withies) can quickly be trained into children’s play domes or play dens. They also make delightful garden arches, shaded garden arbours, or “fedges” – living fences (a cross between a hedge and a fence).


Nature in Ireland. Sustainable Willow Fencing in Leitrim, Ireland. Ireland's Nature. Sustainable Willow Fencing In Ireland. Summer Growth of Willow fencing.


Through The Seasons With Live Willow Fences.


Spring and Summer.




So far, we have constructed over one hundred and twenty metres of living willow fencing incorporating two different styled arches. The first arch is decorative and created as a view to look through, almost like a window. The second arch is a walk way incorporated into two separate willow fences.


Previous Live Willow Projects we have Completed…

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A third willow arch is to be incorporated along side the second by creating a double effect walk way.

Within the grounds of the children’s play area there will soon be a living willow arbour for the children to play and sit in. It will also be possible for parents to sit and watch their children explore and play. 

All these creations develop the perfect environment for children and adults to hideaway, meet friends, socialise and learn about sustainability as the willow is harvested from a renewable source. We love pushing the boundaries and using traditional coppiced material in exciting ways, creating a scene unique and sympathetic to the natural landscape as possible.


Eco Friendly coppiced Hazel hurdles, and Willow Fedge Projects in Ireland, Leitrim Eco-Friendly Hazel Hurdle Fences and Live Willow Hedges in Ireland, Leitrim Eco-Friendly Live Willowfencing ideas and projects in Ireland, Leitrim

Work has begun on a  major project where we have planned is to add a swirling, whirling living willow fence by the communal BBQ  and children’s play area. An exciting creative design that will evolve as we work with more willow fedges and hazel hurdles. Hazel fencing is another beautiful, eco-friendly and natural fencing.We are using two contrasting and inspirational materials whose limits are endless in terms of garden design and architecture. Now also complete is The Outdoor Taditionally built Pizza Oven. 


Wildlife seen in and from Pink Apple Orchard Nature and Wild life In Ireland - Butterfly Nature Trails. Nature in Ireland - Family Nature Trails on Holidays . Catching Butterflies Wildlife at Ireland's Nature and Wildlife. Wildlife and Nature in Ireland. Wild Pheasant.







Butterflies, Moths and Dragonflies –  Ringlet, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Small White, Green Fratility.

Birds and bats – Swift, Swallow, House Martin, Pied Wagtail, Wren, Chiffchaff, Robin, Song Thrush, Starling, Great tit, Blue tit, Chaffinch, Swans; Mute Swan, Ducks; Mallard, Heron; Grey Heron, Pheasant, Birds of Prayer; Sparrow Hawk and Buzzard, Cuckoo heard daily form May (but not seen-yet!), Wood pecker can be heard occasionally from June, Owls are heard every night, but not yet been spotted!

Hares & rabbits 

Red Squirrel, Deer (locally, not in Pink Apple Orchard!), Mink and Pine Martin. 

When lucky or really quiet, glimpses of red squirrel and bird of prayer are really special.


Wild Flowers – which encourage butterflies and bees. Leser ceandine, Golden saxifrage, Creeping buttercup, Primrose, Furz, Bird’s foot trefoli, Wild pansy, Common forget-me-not, cornflower, water forget-me-not, Dog rose, Blackberry, Herb Robert, Bilberry, Ragged robin, Knapweed, Foxglove, Tufted vetch, Devil’s bit scabious, Wood garlic, Wood anemone, Snowdrop, Wild Pea, Cow parsley, Good King Henry, Ox-eye daisy.

Flowers have also been planted to encourage the wildlife. Sunflowers of many varieties are also grown in abundance which we have found great for encouraging bees.


Free Range Eggs 


We have three hens in our Orchard. There names are Henrietta, Chicken Licken (also known as Fluffy) and Henry. They provide us with approximately three free range eggs a day. Free range eggs can also be bought at a small fee from a local neighbour.


Local Foraging Walks




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