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Organic Garden

Pink Apple Orchard Boasts Many Organically Grown Fruits and vegetables.


Organic Gardening In Ireland. Grow you Own Potatoes in Ireland.

Organic Gardening In Ireland - Organic Cucumber Crops in Ireland.

Home Grown Potato and Beetroot Crops from Organic Garden in Ireland, Leitrim.


Organic Gardening in Ireland. Grow your Own Vegetables.

Food for Drink and Growth!

Organic Cider Orchard – (add link) Handsomely made up of 45 Cider Apple trees originating form the original Cider Orchard of Bulmers. We grow two varieties – Mitchelin and Dabinette. The time of year for picking, pressing and bottling the apple juice and cider is at end of October beginning of November. The pressing and bottling process takes place in our very own Cider House Kitchen, which in turn is used by the people who come and stay and visit Pink Apple Orchard. Within Pink Apple Orchard our three Celtic Yurts are nestled in within three different unique locations.


Over the year they grow through many stages of beauty throughout the Seasons.



Spring is when all is in full bloom and the buds are at their highest sensual aromatic beauty.
Summer brings them alive with their green beauty and apples forming with blue skies.
Autumn is when the apples are at their fullest and ready for picking before the frosts arrive.
Winter brings a wild, striking and dramatic feel to those rich and frosty mornings.


Once the season hits for the production of the Cider Apples we will be documenting all the stages of production that is all taken place in The cider House Kitchen.


Organic Garden of Vegetables 

Outside ( for this year 2015) we will have four large and three small raised beds. We shall grow potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, beetroot, onions, garlic, courgette, tomatoes, broad beans, runner beans, dwarf French beans and podding peas. For the second time, we will experiment with chillies and peppers.

In our poly tunnel this year we will concentrate on cuncumbers and three varieties of tomatoes, along with the potted chillis and peppers.


Organic Fruit trees and Bushes

This year the fruit trees and bushes are looking very fruitful. We currently have Plum, Pear, Apple, Cherry, Fig, Red Currant, Black Currant, Tay berry and Loganberry.


Herb Garden and Salad Bath

Herbs can be found all around Pink Apple Orchard. There is a purpose built herb garden for all to use but also dotted around several herbs can be found amongst the Celtic Yurts and by the Cider House Kitchen. Herbs growing are; Sage, chives, rosemary, oregano, bay leaf, mint, mixed lettuce leaves, baby lettuce leaves, rocket and radish.


Wild herbs

To be used straight from the ground while you forage – dandelions, Sorrel, wild garlic and mint.




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