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Foraging Walks and Recipes

First Forage, then Cook and lastly, Eat and Enjoy! Take a leisurely stroll in and around Pink Apple Orchard and discover, ‘the edible goods!’ ~ ‘na hearraí inite!’


Local walks and walks a short drive from Pink apple orchard will also be on the website soon.


More of Pink Apple’s Foraging Recipes will also be available to view and read shortly…Read though some of the title’s so far. A recipe book can be viewed with more details of the recipes in The Cider House Kitchen when staying at Pink Apple Orchard.


Nettle Soup                                                                   Nettle Broth 

1 1/2 oz (45g) butter                                                       2lb (900g) stewing beef

10 oz (285g) potatoes, chopped                                        7 oz (200g) pearl barley

4 oz (110g) onion, chopped                                              4 pints (2.3litres) stock

3 1/2 oz (100g) leeks, chopped                                         2 pints of nettles, washed and chopped

salt and pepper to season                                                Bunch of scallions, roughly chopped

1 3/4 pints (1 litre) chicken stock                                     Salt and lots of pepper to season

5 oz (140g) young nettles, washed and chopped

1/4 pint (150ml) cream


Potato, Onion and Lovage Soup                                     


Potato and Fresh Herb Soup            


Wild Garlic Soup                                                          


Sorrel Soup



To accompany any soup, you need Bread! Irish Soda bread and Crusty white bread.


For a Side Order…Sorrel Pie and Minted Peas and Potatoes



And for Dessert…Blackberry Crumble or Blackberry and Apple cake



Many More Recipes are available to see in Pink Apple’s Cookery Folder



Blackberry Refrigerator Jam – Perfect with Jesse’s homemade scones and fresh butter warm out the oven!


Hedgerow Jam





Elderflower Champagne – Tried and tested but recommend plastic bottles, not glass!!! Fantastic and not too strong.


Sloe Gin – Yum…Very Tasty, the longer it’s left, the better it gets!


Black current Cream – (Creme de Cassis!) – Perfect accompaniment to adults ice cream, add an extra touch to a strawberry, Loganberry and Black current fruit salad with a drizzle of Blackcurrent cream an hour before serving.  


Loganberry and Strawberry Daquiri – Fresh fruit, lots of ice and a squeeze of lemon – Make and drink in those hot summer months.



Suggested Recipes from the Organic garden

If you would like to purchase seasonal fruit and vegetables. These recipes can be viewed, read, created and tested right here and you can leave a review!


Champ – One of the best-loved ways of cooking potatoes (and is) to mash them with boiling milk and butter. A common folk custom was to offer a bowl of champ to the fairies at Halloween. This would be left on field posts or under trees, such as hawthorn or whitethorns, which were particularly associated with fairies.


Chive, Nettle, Pea and/or leek Champ – These are all delicious additions, either on their own or as a combination. It’s time to get creative with foraged goods!


Champ and Crispy Onions – A favourite version of Pink Apple Orchards.


Bruisy – Said to originate in Leitrim! Cooked potatoes are mashed together with butter and young nettles.


Colcannon – Ireland’s best known potato dish. There are many regional variations of colcannon, from adding cabbage, kale, parsnip, onions and scallions. Colcannon was another  festive dish eaten at Halloween. A ring and a thimble would be hidden in the fluffy green-flecked mass. The ring denotes marriage, but the person who found the thimble would be a spinster for life!


Boxty – Leitrim and the Drumlin area seem to be the home of Boxty. The recipe I have, was given to me by a very good friend who’s grandmother used to make it.


Courgette Fritters – Served with Jesse’s yoghurt and mint dip.


Cauliflower cheese 


Beetroot Salad with Feta – Made with Pink Apple’s organic produce.


Beetroot Coleslaw – Made with Pink Apple’s organic produce.






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